Rocky Road


Raising awareness of mental fitness and well-being in sporting communities through educating, mentoring and supporting across South Wales.

Promoting interpersonal

wellness for athletes

Let’s work together

The charity aims to promote interpersonal wellness so that athletes feel equipped and empowered to manage challenges and stressors both within and outside of sport to prevent and reduce mental health distress.

We work with various sporting clubs to promote inclusivity and social support

01. Aid engagement, participation & success.

02. Promote interpersonal wellness.

03. Equip & empower athletes to manage challenges.

04. Prevent and reduce mental health distress.

05. Build a supportive community.

06. Foster inclusivity.

07. Collaborative partnerships.

08. Educational programmes.

We provide support and guidance for all those involved in sport within South Wales

Leadership, education,
mentoring and intervention

The charity provides leadership, education, mentoring and intervention as well as creating partnerships with other organisations to enable access to various support networks.

Empowering athletes for success and well-being