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We understand the power of sports as a unifying force, bringing individuals together in pursuit of excellence, camaraderie, and personal growth. Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance, a coach seeking to refine your skills, or a community eager to connect and thrive, you’ve found your home here.

Mental Fitness Skills for Coaches

This workshop builds skills in coaches to feel confident to having mental fitness conversations with their athletes in a safe environment. In the workshop you will learn how to identify if an athlete who may be experiencing mental fitness issues. Feel confident having open conversations about mental fitness with their team. Gain knowledge of appropriate signposting and know where to go for support and guidance.

Mental Fitness for Sports Communities

This workshop focuses on aspects of mental fitness and wellbeing for people participating in sport. It will include topics regarding mental fitness awareness and education such as recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health distress, how to have mental health conversations with others, and where and when to signpost/seek help when needed. This workshop also covers strategies and techniques for self-care, including the importance of physical activity and relational connection to maintain wellbeing whilst also considering life outside of sport.

Mental Fitness for Sport Performance

This workshop focuses on the use of psychological strategies and techniques to improve your sporting performance and overall wellbeing. Specifically, understanding the mental barriers surrounding training, preparation, performance, and recovery in sport and how you can adapt your mindset to overcome these challenges to maximise your ability to excel within your sport in a robust and sustainable way.

Not Sure What You’re After?

For those who are initially unsure on the specific content they require we also offer a hybrid workshop that combines elements of both mental fitness and wellbeing inside and outside of your sport. Follow-up workshops can subsequently be offered to cover specific topics discussed within the session.