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Beyond the game

The Rocky Road Foundation liaises with sporting communities to discuss their individual needs for their sport.

01. Leadership
02. Education
03. Mentoring
04. Intervention
05. Support

Sports minds matter

Empowering clubs and athletes to prioritise mental health and well-being

Through collaborative working, Rocky Road Foundation aims to find creative and collective ways to best support clubs and their athletes and members. Programmes and workshops are co-produced to ensure our clients shape the support they need.

The charity provides leadership, education, mentoring and intervention as well as creating partnerships with relevant organisations to enable access to suitable support networks.

We also strive to raise awareness and promote inclusivity and raise awareness about the different types of challenges individuals face, breaking down stereotypes, misconceptions, and stigma. Rocky Road Foundation particularly seeks to educate about the capabilities and achievements of those athletes with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and accepting team/club/society.

Hi, I’m James Ledger a T11 100m sprinter. I was born severally visually impaired, being born with a disability I never knew sport would be my career. Sport for me growing up was a way of fitting in and not standing out for being different. It was until I found athletics’ and realised this was the start of my true sporting journey!

Sport has and continues to change my life, I compete at the highest level which bring many highs and lows. Sport has given me my best and worst days, going through sport I have realised the importance of mental health and well-being. I used to bottle my emotions and put a huge amount of pressure on myself to compete well, but I learnt it was ok to talk about my emotions bring people in to what I was feeling and quickly realised I was not alone and there are people in place to help me with my feelings. Your mind is powerful, understanding that has helped me performance better and with a smile on my face. As athlete’s I think sometimes we feel like we have to act like robots but we are people and being a athlete is just one part of who we are.

Workshops &

We believe that investing in mental health and well-being is vital for both individual athletes and the overall success of clubs. Book your workshop today and embark on a journey of personal growth and well-being. Together, let’s create a culture that nurtures both physical and mental excellence in sports.

Professional sports triage

Talk with our team of experienced psychology practitioners to develop your mental skills to deal with the demands of training and competing in sport. Enhance areas of mental performance such as your confidence, focus, and ability to deal with pressure while learning to improve your overall resilience and well-being across all aspects of your life.